Review: Bloodlust & Bonnets by Emily McGovern


Lucy is bored. She is a regency-era girl who longs for a life of adventure and daring. So, naturally, she decapitates her fiance and most of the other men within reach, and bails. Trotting around Britain with scandalous Lord Byron and the secretive bounty-hunter, Sham, Lucy attempts to uncover an exclusive Vampire Society. The trio makes one wrong turn after another, never certain if they are truly in control of their quest of if some darker force is pulling the strings.


Her Instagram @emilyscartoons has kept me snickering for ages, so when I saw Emily McGovern was publishing a book I immediately put in a purchase request at the Library (Note: Almost all libraries offer this to their patrons – ask yours!).

The moment my inbox read “Your Hold is Ready To Pick Up” I was hot-footing it out of my office and down the stairs to the main floor. Bloodlust & Bonnets was completely devoured in one sitting, and again two days later.

From beginning to end this graphic novel reads like watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Please, take that description as an indication toward your preferences). It is pointless, yet makes so many wonderful points. It has no plot, but you feel carried along while reading it. It is full of gaps and loose ends which are all explained away in the very last page.

The range of emotion McGovern’s illustrations convey with only two dots for eyes and a single line for eyebrows is genius. Why are the rest of us even bothering with noses and mouths – much less a consistent number of fingers?

Overall I give it a winning four out of five. Bloodlust & Bonnets is escapism at its finest.


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Happy Reading!
– Bekah

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