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If your idea of a wonderful afternoon involves coffee, town squares, and dusty second-hand book shops, then you’ll feel right at home here. You know you can handle any adventure or challenge with enough caffeine and a good paper back.

Here you’ll find reviews on books outside the mainstream, discussion guides for appropriate age groups, and suggestions for similar reads. Reviews go up once a week and feedback is really where it’s at, so consider this your official invitation to subscribe.

This site is the love child of two years spent developing programs in student literacy, and a drive to create community. Each Friday I visit my local bookshop (#supportsmallbusiness) and pull a book to review for the week. There is absolutely no way to know what’s coming next, so let’s enjoy the ride.

I’m a 20-something professional, I live in a tiny apartment downtown, and I love what I do. With any luck, this site will be a place where we can connect with each other: the readers, the writers, the caffeine addicts. You’re all welcome here!